241: Conversations

"I got to see The Band."     "What band?"     "The Band!"     "What band?"

This has happened to me so many times, when I start talking to someone my parents' age and I'm all like, "Finally, someone I can talk to!"  I was hanging out with my dad and his friend over the weekend, and we just spent the entire night going through Rolling Stones' "500 Greatest Albums" list and talking about the artists.  It was the greatest fucking night ever.  The subject eventually came to Bob Dylan and The Band, and so we decided to pop in our DVD of The Band's farewell concert "The Last Waltz", often called one of the best concert movies ever made.  It was good times.

As you might notice, I'm finally starting to get Wade and Myles' skin colors down.  Turns out I had to find the right two shades of pencil and then blend them together, which can sometimes make the color turn out a little blotchy.  Meanwhile, they include a fucking perfect "White People's Skin" pencil right there in every set.  This just further supports my theory that colored pencil manufacturers are all secret White supremacists.  I've got my eye on you, Prismacolor.

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