242: 4chan

I've been getting hate mail! . . . and it is AWESOME. O_O   A lot of people have been visiting from a message board on 4chan and writing to tell me how much they hate my comic and my taste in music.  My favorite one was simply signed "from a real girl."   Real girls?  LOL, what are those?  Can I draw them?  But what they don't know is that getting all of this hate mail actually makes me very excited, and I shall explain why tomorrow.  In the meantime, having my comics posted on 4chan has been getting me a BUTT LOAD of new readers each day, so I really should be thanking them for doing it.

Also, not everyone who's written in has sent hate mail.  Many others have sent incredibly polite messages, simply wanting me to listen to an indie band called Neutral Milk Hotel. (they must have posted my comics in the middle of a thread about them or something).  And since those people were kind, I will happily give the band a listen over these next few days.  I'll be sure to let you guys know what I think of them!  And in the meantime, welcome to all the new readers who have decided to stay and enjoy comics with us!

And now for our music recs today, let me introduce you to a Norwegian band called Black Debbath.  As you might have guessed from their name, their music takes a lot of influence from Black Sabbath, and it is awesome for all the same reasons.  You get that classic hard rock (with a slight doom-metal) feeling from them, which you can hear in this song of theirs, called "Den Fem Statsmakt".  Most of their songs are in Norwegian, as you can probably tell.  Here's another video for the song "Gaffeltruck Driving Mand".  I love how the singer's voice sounds just a little bit like Ozzy's.  Not totally, but enough that you can kinda hear it.  :)  A big thanks to Martin from Norway for the amazing suggestion!

I'll be going to a Van Halen concert tonight, and then I'm going to need quite a bit of sleep afterwards.  Expect another late comic tomorrow!

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