245: The Black Keys

Want me to tell you a funny mistake I made?  I finished coloring the hands on the keyboard before realizing I accidentally used my skin color instead of Arya's.  But if I pretend that I did it on purpose, then it's no longer a mistake!  That's right, Arya is no longer Persian.  Tough break, Iranians, this is totally canon now.  Also, seriously, no one has ever said they dislike the Black Keys.  It's like it's a universal law or something.  Perhaps the law . . . OF DANCE!

And now, since I've made you guys wait a while for this update, I've got quite a selection of music for you all to listen to!  To start off, I listened to the indie band Neutral Milk Hotel that many of my 4chan visitors were suggesting, and long story short, I liked them.  Obviously I don't know as much about the genre, so it's possible some of the deeper messages or meanings of their music (if there were any) may have gone over my head.  But taking the music at face value, they are still very well-written, entertaining songs.  The majority of the two albums that I listened to was light acoustic rock, interspersed with sections of melodic ambience and mood noise.  Indie acoustic mixed with traces of psychadelia.  While listening to the music, it became very clear to me why I had never heard of them before, and also why their audience loves them so much.  Their music is in a niche genre, but they excel at it.  But many people, like me, still aren't in that niche.  Here's one of my favorite tracks off of their biggest album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, a song called "Holland, 1945".

Next, we're switching it up with an OST, from the video game NieR.  This soundtrack has nothing to do with rock, but since I love video game music in all it's forms, and since the soundtrack has some absolutely beautiful songs on it, I figured I'd share it with you all.  Really there's just one song I wanted to share: the hauntingly beautiful track "Song Of The Ancients Devola".  A lot of the music in the game is sung in made-up dialects of different languages, that literally have me thinking "Is this the female version of Josh Groban?  It's him, isn't it?"  Enjoy.  And then let's thank Eric from New Jersey for giving us all something to cry to!

And lastly, some classic rock, but this time with a twist.  Here's a cover of Stairway To Heaven that one of those video game metal dudes I like so much made.  But this is no ordinary cover.  This cover . . . has ocarina.  Holy funk.

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