Song of the Day

June 9, 2012
Tighten Up
The Black Keys
Brothers (2010)

Yes, I'm just putting up their most popular video, so sue me!  I just really really like this video, and it's one of the Black Keys' best songs.  I'll put up some more of my favorite songs from them over the weekend, since this one is going up so late in the day.

This song, and the album that it's from (Brothers, 2010), were the Black Keys' big breakthrough, gaining them huge amounts of popularity and several grammy awards in the process.  In the course of a year or two, they went from being small and releatively unknown to being one of everyone's favorite new bands.  They're that kind of band that other musicians respect and love a whole lot.  To me, they aren't the greatest band in the world, nor Brothers the greatest album, and yet the comic about them today is still totally true: I can't think of a single bad thing to say about them, even when trying.


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