246: Education

8 hours.  This comic took me 8 hours to finish.  I have no idea why, but for some reason I just couldn't get what was in my mind down onto the paper correctly, which is every artist's worst experience.  But, I finally managed to get everything right, and I love the way it turned out in the end.  And I haven't gone crazy from lack of sleep just yet, so I'm counting this as a success.

For our fantabulous musical recommendations today, we are going to celebrate a little of South Africa's music scene.  Though I've heard from several South Africans before, today all of our suggestions come from one gent named Adam, who shared quite a selection of music with me.  The first band I'd like to mention is called aKING, an excellent light rock band, often referred to as playing "melodic rock".  I particularly enjoy their style amongst light rock bands, so here are two of their songs to listen to: the first, "Catch Alight," and the second, "In The Twilight."  The next band we're featuring today are known as The Parlotones.  These guys have achieved a huge amount of success in their own country, winning a bunch of different awards for their songs and videos.  These guys also play a style of light rock / pop rock, a bit more upbeat than aKING, but equally as pretty.  Here's the song that Adam sent to me, which has remained one of my favorites, a song called "Colourful."  And the final band of the day is one of South Africa's fewest and newest bluesy rock bands, Shadowclub.  The country has a lot of alternative rock and light rock, which made Shadowclub's harder, bluesier sound instantly unique.  By far my favorite band amongst the ones I've heard so far, thanks to some really rocking tracks like "Guns & Money," and "Good Morning Killer."  South Africans have an incredible amount of pride in their music, but it's still very hard for many bands to become well known internationally.  So I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Adam from South Africa for sharing all these bands with us, that we might all get to experience the country's music for ourselves.  (BTW, Adam's not the only South African who's shared music, so we'll have more in the future, as well!)  That's all for today, see you guys later!

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