247: Questions

And then I have to go find out.  Turns out they still do stuff.  Here's a montage of some other punchlines I thought of for this strip.  And if you would like to think of your own, here's a template.  (Be gentle 4chan, it's my first time.)

Now I reckon it's time for some more music.  Today I've two bands for everyone, first up is a heavy metal band from the United Arab Emirates called ANURYZM.  The guitar riffs and solos of their songs are stylistically a lot like power metal, buttheir vocalist switches between regular singing and hardcore screaming on many of their songs, which gives them a more unique sound that I am now deeming "powercore" :D.  Here's a song from their debut album, which was just released, called "Fragmenting The Soul."  Thanks to Elie from Lebanon for the recommendation!  And then the second band today is quite a bit different.  These guys are actually more of a hip-hop group, but they frequently incorporate many elements from jazz and pop rock, too.  They're the Chicago-based band Kids These Days, and their song "Summerscent."  Such a band could only be provided by the great Cormac from America (who doesn't have the decency to be from Ireland like he's supposed to.  That bastard.)  Thanks Cormac!  And thanks to all of you guys!

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