248: QOTSA

I've been listening to a lot of Queens Of The Stone Age lately.  Like, so much of it that I'll probably do another comic about them tomorrow, as well.  An apology for the super late upload tonight, everyone.  This strip took a a helluva long time to draw, but the art was some of the funnest I'd ever done.  Of course it's going up almost a full day later than usual, which means I only have a few hours left until I have to start the next one. Better use that time wisely (a.k.a. falling asleep playing pokemon).  I gotta tell you guys, getting to delete emails over the last week has been a pretty liberating feeling.  There's still an occasional straggler troll email coming in every once in a while, but the hate mail has all stopped, which I'm thankful for.  Any of the people whose emails I did not delete will be hearing back from me in time, but just so I don't get any more backlogged than I already am, I went and amended my contact page just a little bit.  On the "Recommend a band" line, I added "(one at a time, please, I get a lot of these)."  I figure this is a good way to make sure I never feel swamped, while still getting to hear recommendations from all you guys!  Yippee!

No new bands for you guys today, but yesterday Rush released their newest album "Clockwork Angels," which I have bought and will be listening to over the next day!  I'll give you guys a full review of it on Friday!  See you later!

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