249: Josh Homme

I love this story.  The tattoo reads "Freitag 4.15," (Friday 4:15) which was when the Queens Of The Stone Age took the stage at the Rock Am Ring festival in 2001.  Their performance was plagued with sound difficulties, out of tune instruments, and Josh Homme was injured at the time, so the band vowed never to give a show that bad again, and tattooed their bodies so they'd always remember.  Every time I think about the level of conviction it must take to commemorate a bad show like that, I feel a huge amount of respect for those guys.  That's hardcore conviction to performance.

The band I have for you all today is one that I've really grown to enjoy recently, the Californian progressive metal band Children Of Nova.  These guys have a lighter sound than regular metal, more like rock, but they come with all of the technical prowess and constant variety that all the best progressive metal bands are known for.  Their sound is pretty amazing, and I love the power in their singer's voice, check it out!  This is a song from their first EP "Complexity Of Light," which is full of songs like this.  They just released their first full length album, but I personally like the EP better, so here's another track from it, called "Arcadion."  A huge thanks to Jarred from Canada for the suggestion!  That's all for now, I'll try to finish tomorrow's comic a bit earlier than I did these last few days!

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