251: Absent

Hello again to all you sexy nerds out there!  I would like to start off the week with some very belated shoutouts to some amazing readers of ours.  This is me finally trying to catch up once again with all emails in my inbox after these last few weeks, but I know if I work really fast, I might be able to catch up again by about the year 2015, so forecasts are good!  But for now, I would like to acknowledge and thank the following wonderful people:  Sean from Australia, who "found me via the video game metal community" (I knew pandering to those guys was a good idea!); Jarred from Canada, who we've heard a band recommendation from, but to whom I never think I gave an official shoutout; Jellypizza from . . . WTF why not fucking Dominos?; Cormac from Connecticut, a fellow fan of the legendary bluesman Tom Waits; John from Australia, a fellow fan of The Black Mages (man, everyone is a fan of someone awesome aren't they?);  Chanyce from Florida whoseemailhadnopunctutationwhatsoever; Mike from somewhere nondescript, but since he mentioned a band from Brazil in his email, I'm going to say he's from there until he decides to correct me; and finally Zen from the Dominican Republic, an artist whose real name I know but refuse to use, because Zen is way cooler.  You guys are all awesome, and you should be made totally aware of it!

And as one final fan treat for all of us today, I have two amazing drawings of Cassie sent in by some long-time readers.  Both of these girls have drawn things for us before, and now return to please our eyebrains once again with their amazing talents.  First up is a drawing of Cassie playing the most badass-looking guitar in existence, done for us by Sarah from California.  Not only does this drawing prove that Cassie can rock a cargo skirt better than anyone, it also baffles me to think how she did such a good job on the guitar's coloring.  How is such good blending even possibru??  And of course, as the cherry on top of the sundae, she drew all the dials on the amp turned up to 11.  Kevin likes a lot.  Then the next fan art for the day comes from Kate from Canada, whose realism brings of the an entirely new perspective to the character.  I love the color of that jacket on Cassie so much that I now want to make any jacket of hers red because of it.  You know it's a good fan art when it inspires the original author!  And so, a big BIG thanks to both Sarah and Kate, I hope we get to be blessed with many more amazing pictures from them in the future!  As for the rest of you guys, see you all tomorrow!

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