Song of the Day

June 18, 2012
Metal Man
Mega Man 2

I have no idea why that girl is shown before you start the video, she's some other artist entirely.  Also, OF COURSE I'M SHOWING A VIDEO GAME COVER TODAY!  It was pretty much the only thing mentioned in today's comic!  And it's an awesome one today: Metal Man's theme from Mega Man 2, which is by far the game with the most covered soundtrack of all time behind Zelda and Mario.  SongeLeReveur does an amazing job at this song, the tone of the guitar is kickass, that solo he does HOLY FUNK IT'S AMAZING, and the little improvized bass part in the middle just looks like he's having so much goddamn fun.  It makes you feel happy.

Great cover artist with plenty of amazing videos covering every genre imaginable, check out more of Songe's covers on his YouTube channel.


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