252: Return

My inner monologue while writing this:    "It's supposed to be 'with whom'."     "Shut up, Jolie wouldn't care about that."     "Oh really, why not?"   "Because she's not an asshole like Kevin."     "Yeah well, you're an asshole."     "That's what I just said."

So, I don't know if you guys know this, but I sometimes do this thing where I talk about bands that people have recommended.  You proabably hadn't noticed, it's not something I do very often, but I figured what the hell, I'll surprise everyone today.  And since this is such a rare, special occasion, let's celebrate by listening to an old Polish blues-rock band called Dżem (pronounced "jam").  The band began back in 1973, and their singer Ryszard Riedel is remembered as one of the greatest Polish frontmen ever, before his death in 1994.  As their name would suggest, the band is known for doing a lot of long, slow blues jams.  For an example of this, here's a song of theirs titled "Wehikuł Czasu" ("Time Machine"), this song really reminds me a lot of early Allman Brothers stuff.  And here's another one, a great traditional sounding blues song called "Czerwony Jak Cegła."  A lot of the song is divided into a 12-bar blues structure, which I never cease to love, so they get the thumbs up from me.  This band is brought to us courtesy of Barcel from Poland, so let us thank the mighty Polander, and all his fellow Polandians, for their continued musical gifts!  Thank you Pol-ites!  That is all for today, I shall see you all here tomorrow!

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