253: Man Date

A long time ago I used to think that girls didn't play Street Fighter.  Then one day I played a girl who was the top ranked Guile in the whole region, and she kicked my ass.  I never made that same mistake again.  My poor, poor Vega...

For our featured artist today, I have an amazing acoustic guitar virtuoso by the name of Tommy Emmanuel.  He was voted as the "World's Best Acoustic Guitarist" in Guitar Player magazine on two separate occasions, and his legacy is equally renowned.  The man is an eclectic mastermind, so today I'm going to show you guys four of my favorite YouTube videos of him.  The first is one of his most well-known blues pieces, "Guitar Boogie."  The next song is an absolutely beautiful piece called "Angelina."  I love this song so much, it has one of the prettiest melodies I've ever heard. The next video here is an adaptation of the song "Classical Gas," which also shows off Tommy's incredible stage presence.  And finally, another personal favorite of mine, his cover of the song "Over The Rainbow."  The man's skill at so many styles is remarkable, truly.  It blows my tiny, tiny mind.  I owe a huge thanks to Dave from New Zealand for linking me some of his videos.  Thanks a million, Dave!  And then I'd also like to thank a few other readers, as well!  Those people are Astrid from Belgium, Sonia from Poland, and Shaun from Canada!  You three are all amazing, no matter what!

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