255: Dude Love

Late comic is late, sorry about that, for some reason I always start the strips that have complicated poses WAY too late.  One of the best scenes in the Rock Of Ages movie is comprised entirely of pure, unadulterated dude love, accompanied by none other than the greatest 80's love song ever.  It was one of the really good parts to take away from the movie.

For our music recommendation today, we're going back to South Africa and their hugely successful band Prime Circle.  The band's debut album is the highest selling rock album in the country, and they've gained huge national success over the last ten years.  They play a very light, ballady style of pop rock (a lot of love songs), and their singer's voice actually reminds me a lot of Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, although their music isn't totally similar.  But perhaps you can hear what I mean.  That's one of their biggest hits, "Consider Me," but they also have some harder rock songs as well, like the song "Never Gonna Bring Us Down."  These guys would be perfect for a lover of quintessential modern rock: the songs are very radio friendly, and very pop-y.  I'd like to thank Andy from South Africa for the recommendation!  As for the rest of you all, have a great weekend!

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