257: Fanservice: Jolie

You know what was a lot of fun?  Trying to explain to my father what "fanservice" is without making it sound like I'm drawing porn . . . and then realizing halfway through that I'm pretty much just drawing porn.  LOL.   "No, no, Dad!  It's not porn!  I'm just drawing my characters scantily clad and in seductive positions because people want to see them as naked as possible!  That's all!"   Perfect argument.

I'm amazed by how this drawing came out.  It was originally going to be a simple white background, but then I tried filling it in with black at the very last second, and the results were so fucking cool.  And it only took two hours, even after editing.  I'm guessing the rest of the sketches are going to have boring white backgrounds, so enjoy this awesome one while you can!  For those of you who would like a wallpaper-sized version of this, I've made one for you here.

And before I leave, let's enjoy one more band recommendation, since it's been a few days since we've had one of those!  This band here is brand new, they're a Brazilian progressive metal band called Bad Salad, and they are freaking awesome.  Very similar technical style to Dream Theater, which you can tell because all of the "related videos" on YouTube are for Dream Theater songs. Ha!  They have released two songs from their upcoming debut album, which you can check out now.  The first song is called "Crowded Sky,"  seriously that guitar solo . . . John Petrucci might have some competition.  The second song is a longer one called "Nemesis."  Their album is supposed to be released next month, so if you like these guys then remember to check them out again!  I'd like to thank Mike from Who Knows Where for the recommendation.  Thanks Mike, can't wait for their album!

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