258: Fanservice: Cassie

ARGHH!!! SO disappointed with the outcome of today's artwork.  This drawing is fine, but it wasn't what was supposed to go up today.  I had this awesome scene in my head that I couldn't wait to draw out, but for some reason I could not figure it out on paper, no matter how hard I tried.  I kept pounding my head, going "I SEE YOU RIGHT F#@%ING THERE!!!  WHY CAN'T I MOVE YOU FROM THERE TO THE PAPER?!!!"  So frustrating.  Eventually I realized that I had no chance of getting it right tonight, and so I quickly threw together this little piece as a replacement.  Luckily it's not too shabby, but now all I can think about is going back and retrying my hand at the original again, because it's figuratively eating me up inside!  If I ever FINALLY manage to get it right, I'll be sure to post it up in all its glory.  Wish me luck...

Tomorrow: we finally get to see what Wade's packin' underneath that shirt.

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