259: Fanservice: Wade

There were a lot of good and bad moments while doing this drawing.  Bad moment: getting Wade's skin color PERFECT, and then trying to blend it just a little bit more, and messing up the whole thing.  You guys never would've noticed, but to me it looks like a big flaw.  Amusing moment: realizing that I might actually be better at drawing hot guys than I am at drawing hot girls.  Great moment: getting to use my own arm muscles in the mirror as a reference.  And of course, I made a lady-oriented wallpaper out of this image as well.  Here you go!

Today I would like to thank Noura from Lebanon for her touching letter, one of the many that has made my work much easier lately.  And I'd also like to thank another person, but this time it's not a reader of mine.  It's Chris Hazelton, author of the webcomic "Misfile."  After reading through the whole archive, I shot Chris an email, and he gave me some pretty inspirational advice for a fellow cartoonist.  So I would like to repay him with his very own shoutout, go check out his comic, it's a good read, and it's got plenty of teenage angst and drama to go around.

And finally some music.  This video was provided by Taylan from Turkey/Japan, and it is awesome.  It's a band that some of you might have heard of already, the American metal band SOiL.  Sometimes called alternative metal, sometimes said to take influence from nu metal or groove metal, they are the kind of band that you can really only classify correctly as being simply "heavy metal."  Here's their most popular song, which received quite a bit of radio airplay upon its release, the kickass "Halo."  The band's singer, Ryan McCombs, would later go on to front the band Drowning Pool, before rejoining the SOiL again last year.  Thanks for the awesome suggestion, Taylan!  See you all tomorrow!

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