260: Fanservice: Arya

Arya and Cassie would make a great Bond/Bond Girl team.  I'm very happy with how this one came out, and I had no problems with it during the creation process!  Finally!  Next week we're back to regular comics; unless of course I manage to finish that other one of Cassie I had in mind, in which case I'll be putting that up first.

And now, for your musical recommendations today, I have a couple of awesome bands formed by well-known celebrities.  The first band is known as Fozzy, a heavy metal formed by professional WWE wrestler Chris Jericho.  And you know what?  They're actually pretty good.  I never would have thought that Chris Jericho could sing, but a lot of their songs kick fucking ass, so here's a big "Well done, sir" to my new favorite wrestler.  The next band is one that I fucking love, just for the simple fact that they exist.  They are called Rock Sugar, an 80's-style rock band created by voice actor Jess Harnell.  Many of you may remember him for doing the voice of this guy, which is already enough to make me fall in love with the band, but then it just gets better.  The band's premise is this: what would happen if an 80's metal band got trapped on a desert island for 20 years with nothing to listen to but the 80's pop collection of a 13 year old girl?  Well, naturally, the outcome would be some of the most amazing mashups in 80's rock history.  Now, mashups are always pretty cool, but usually they're never as fun to listen to as the original songs.  But the way Rock Sugar covers them makes these songs sound entirely original, and it is fucking fantastic.  I goddamn love Jess Harnell now. :)  A big huge thanks to Robert from Kansas, who introduced me to both of these bands, thus earning himself a "Well done, sir" of his very own.  In addition to Robert, I'd also like to thank Josh from Malaysia, Beatriz from the Philippines, and Johnny from "the bayou," for all of their emails and amazing band recommendations.  You guys kick ass, so don't you ever leave us!  As for all the rest of you, have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!  W00t!

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