261: This Is What I Had In Mind

Here's the scene that was giving me so much hard time last week, finally managed to get it right!  I kinda dislike the way the amps came out, but those aren't what's important; what's important is that I finally got Cassie's pose exactly how I wanted! And just to add to all the good news, I also went back and colored the sketch of Cassie from last week!  Hooray for full-colored nudity!  No more black and white cleavage for us, no sir!

Now I'm sure you're all wondering, "OMG KEVIN, what kinds of bands do you have in store for us today?!?!  <3 <3 <3"  Well, my little nerdlings, I have a band that is sure to tickle all of your happy places in the form of some classic German progressive rock.  The band I'm referring to is Twenty Sixty Six And Then, who got their start way back in 1972, and met their end very shortly after.  During their short existence, they released one album that is heralded as a classic gem, entitled "Reflections On The Future."  Here are two songs from the album for all you progressive rock fans out there, the first is called "Time Can't Take It Away," and second is the album's lead-off track, called "At My Home 1972."  This hidden gem of a band was revealed to me by Regis from England, so a huge thanks to him!  And then the next band I have for you all is a modern hard rock band from 'Merica called Burn Halo.  They got their start just a few years ago, but have quickly started making a name for themselves, opening up for bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Puddle Of Mudd.  Here's one of their singles off their first album, a song called "Dirty Little Girl."  And then just to sweeten the deal, here's another of their most popular songs: "Save Me."  The band just released their second album last week.  I haven't checked it out yet, but if it's anything like their first, it should be pretty awesome.  A big thanks to Josh from Malaysia for the recommendation, we bow to him in undying nerd unity.  That's all for today, see you guys tomorrow!  The comics might be up a little later this week, as I'm currently trying out a new schedule for myself, but they shouldn't be too late!

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