262: Concern

Nothing special to tell you guys today, so why don't we just get right into band suggestions!  This first band is a Norwegian glam metal band called Wig Wam.  Like many other bands, they have dedicated their style to that of 80's hair metal, and they competed for Norway in the 2005 Eurovision song contest with their hit, "In My Dreams."  They've got a lot of great catchy songs, perfectly emulating the hair metal style we all know and love.  If the chorus to this song doesn't scream "I Love The 80's," then I don't know what does.  The next band up for the day is along a similar vein, this time a hair metal band from Sweden known as Crashdïet. (< they have an umlaut in their name so you know it's legit.)  These guys definitely follow the look and the singing perfectly for the genre, but their guitar work is actually more like contemporary heavy metal/hard rock.  So with these guys you get a cool mix of 80's and modern sounds.  Here's one of their early hits with their original singer, who passed away a few years ago, the song "In The Raw."  And then here's another one with their newest singer, called "Generation Wild."  Both of these bands were suggested by Johnny from The Bayou, a man so cool that he is from an entire ecosystem, apparently.  And these were not the only bands the Southern Gentleman gave either, we are likely to see even more come up from him in the future.  Thank you, Ecosystem Man, for your generous donations to our earbrains.  That's all, see you guys tomorrow!

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