263: Jim Morrison

I feel like I missed an opportunity to make a 27 Club joke, but I'm pretty sure I'll get plenty of opportunities to do so.  Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison in The Doors movie (1991) was an excellent choice; he looks like him and he nailed the stage presence, although the movie added a lot of sensationalism to everything.  Speaking of biopics, there's another member of the 27 Club who's getting a biopic made of him, which I'll be talking about in tomorrow's comic.

And now one of my readers would like me to make an announcement for her.  Sarah from Washington, who has drawn us fan art in the past, is currently selling commissions to help fundraise a trip she'll be taking.  For $1 she'll draw you a sketch, for $5 a line art, and for $10 a reference.  Simply send her a message on her DeviantArt account to tell her what you'd like, and where you can also send your donations.  Hopefully this announcement will help her out, because I like to consider this my way of thanking her for all the fan art she's drawn me.  Good luck, Sarah!

There's too many links today anyway, so I'll just leave it here and bring back some more bands tomrrow!  See you then!  And happy Independence Day, jerkfaces!

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