264: Hendrix Estate

I fucking hate the way this story has been covered.  The producer of the Jimi Hendrix biopic recently announced that no Jimi Hendrix songs would be appearing in the movie, since the film is about his early time as a background player for other musicians.  He never planned on using Jimi's songs, and therefore never approached the Hendrix estate for their permission or their input.  The Hendrix estate, which is controlled by Jimi's step-sister, has been very upset that the producer hasn't asked for their involvement with the movie, and so they said they wouldn't release the song rights unless they were involved.  Somehow this story has been misconstrued by all the news sites as "the Hendrix estate being total dicks for not giving up the rights to their songs."  They all make out the Hendrixes to be evil fucking bastards who are preventing the movie from using their songs, when really the producer never wanted to use the songs anyway and never even asked to.  It actually pisses me off how shoddy the journalism on this has been.  (I hope no one notices the typo in panel 4...)

But now for something that DOESN'T piss me off: awesome guitarists!  These two that I have ftoday were recommended by Emil from Denmark, so now you all know who to thank for your subsequent ear pleasures!  The first guy is an electric guitar virtuoso by the name of Andy Timmons (from the good ol' U.S. of A.).  Although he's only mildly well known for his solo career, he's frequently played onstage with all the big name guitarists like Satriani and Vai.  Here's a fast jam of his called "Groove Or Die," which shows off his technical prowess.  And then here's one of his most popular studio recordings, the beautiful track "Electric Gypsy."  The next guitarist is an acoustic guitarist from Canada named Don Ross.  The man is a fingerpicking expert, even using fake acrylic fingernails to help him create that wonderful sound known as "music."  That's his most popular video on YouTube, and the next is another beautiful track by him called "Klimbim."  People like him are created for only two purposes: to bless the world with their genius and talent, and to make people like me feel completely inadequate on musical instruments. :)  Thanks a whole bunch, Emil!  More amazing suggestions, as usual!

In addition to Emil, Prince of Danishes up there, I'd also like to thank two other readers of mine: Raphael from Germany and Edward from the UK.  You two are awesome and I hope you get to stay with us for a long time!  Peace!

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