265: Tom Morello

Here's a cool fact about Tom Morello that I only recently learned:  Tom is half-Kenyan on his father's side, and his father was the very first ambassador to the United Nations from Kenya.  Pretty damn cool.  I used to never appreciate Tom's style of guitar playing when I was younger, but after I kept learning more about rock over the years, that eventually changed.  Not only did I learn to love his playing, but I also grew to appreciate just how unique and original his style really is, even today.  I'm so sorry for ever doubting you, Tom!  This was a pretty fun comic to draw too, I decided to draw me with the stupid haircut I had for a little while back in high school.  God it was so terrible, apparently I thought it was cool to look like Hillary Clinton, or something.  Anyway, let's now move on to:

B-B-B-BAND RECOMMENDATIONS!  Today we get to hear a couple more bands suggested by Johnny from The Bayou, and it's all about hard rock today!  The first band is called Hardcore Superstar, from some country called "Sweden" (I think it's made up).  The band has seen quite a bit of success over the last 15 years, with several #1 hits, as well as some Swedish Grammy nominations.  Here are a couple of their really popular songs: the first is called "We Don't Celebrate Sundays," and the second is called "Last Call For Alcohol".  The next band is one that a few people have suggested to me before, and one that has become notorious amongst hard rock fans, due to their change in style a few years ago.  They're the American band Black Tide, who gained a lot of attention after the release of their debut album for such awesome songs as "Shout."  You can see that their style was very reminiscent of traditional hard rock, as was their look and aesthetic.  But a few years later, the band decided to change their style of music to be closer to modern hard rock bands like Avenged Sevenfold, also changing their look and aesthetic for it, as you can see in their newer song, "That Fire."  The band is still very popular, but the change has created tension between their fans, many of whom consider the band to have sold out.  Luckily, their songs are still awesome despite the change.  And that's all we have for this week, see you guys back here on Monday!

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