269: The Tattoo

Is it any wonder I made it my URL logo?  Yes indeed, my very first tattoo of a hand doing the rock horns right beneath my other hand which is usually doing the rock horns.  If you're wondering why it's not in the center of my wrist, it's so that when I twist my wrist around it doesn't stretch the image out.  Now I get to do three rock horns at once, and I also get to say that rock and roll is literally in my blood.  And of course the lightning bolt is for AC/DC.

So there was one very important person that I forgot to mention yesterday who I need to thank also.  That person is my web designer Norm Strassner, whom I've been working with since the creation of my website.  I would not have a site if it weren't for Norm, and I know I'll enjoy working with him for as long as possible.  And now, I want to get out of here quickly, so I'll just leave you with this video and get back to recommendations tomorrow!

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