270: Day Off! :D

I will, however, give you guys a couple of new bands to listen to today!  First is a Filipino supergroup called Franco - named after their frontman, famous singer Franco Reyes.  The band very recently called it quits, but not before giving the world one amazing album.  The songs are quite varied, ranging from slower ballady songs like "This Gathering," to harder reggae-inspired rock songs like "Song For The Suspect."  All the band members are incedible musicans, and we're sure to keep seeing them in all their separate projects in the future.  This band was recommended to me by Beatriz from the Philippines, so thank you on behalf of my ears, Beatriz!  Next are a couple of acoustic guitarists that come recommended once again by Emil from Denmark!  (He's given me like five acoustic guitarists by now :D)  This first guy goes by the name Smokin' Joe Robinson, a name worthy of an old blues master from the 50's, and this little White Australian boy earns the name all too well.  Like so many fingerpicking experts before him, he excels at everything from beautiful melodic pieces to jazzy progressive pieces.  Well done indeed, little White boy, you have earned that title of "Smokin'."  And finally for today is an American guitarist named Andy Mckee, who has made a huge name for himself playing the slap-style of guitar that has become more popular recently, as well as being a beautiful composer in his own right.  I'd like to thank Emil from Denmark again for his contributions, as he gradually runs out of acoustic guitarists to tell me about, slowly causing the man to go through an existential crisis of titanic proportions.  We're all here for you, Emil, please don't run out of guitarists - for your family's sake.  See you guys Monday!

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