271: Jethro Tull

Fluuuuuuuuuuuute.  There is no genre of music that Ian Anderson cannot add flute to and make sound awesome.  He could be the one to finally create flute-dubstep, the most mythical of all genres.  He would succeed, but of course the hopes of gaining an audience will always be rather. . . FLUTILE.  Haha! Hahahaha - ahem. . .  Sorry for a pretty late upload today, I got started relatively late.  Promise it wasn't cuz I was slacking off, for once!

Now, let's get to some awesome bands!  But first, a very special fan art done for us by Alice from Sweden!  You may remember Alice for her original character, The Defender of Heavy Metal.  Well she's done a brand new pinup of Cassie for us that is sure to please your eyeballs.  Check her out!  Love the Alice Cooper lyrics below, they add an almost scary dangerous context to her.  Aw, but look at that face, she's nothing but innocent, she swears!  Thanks a million, Alice!  Great work once again!  And now onto the music portion of our show!  This girl is a famous Norwegian singer named Ida Maria.  Her music is a fabulous mix of pop and indie rock sounds, and her voice is somehow quirky, emotional, and beautiful all at the same time.  Here's one of her most popular songs to show off her stuff, the track "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked."  And here's another great one, her most popular video on YouTube, the song "Oh My God."  The way her voice cracks when she sings high notes is so beautifully unpleasant, it really adds an unparalleled amount of emotion to her singing.  I'd like to thank Ramon from Spain for suggesting this leading lady!  You rock dude!  And in addition to Mr. R over here, I have several other folks deserving of thanks as well.  Those people include a sailor from Japan named Steve, Sam from "sunny" old England (lies I say!), Jocelyn from Texas (who defends that her name is the one true spelling), John from nowhere who sent me a one-sentence anime recommendation that actually sounds pretty good, then Jamie from nowhere who sent me a three sentence manga review that also sounds pretty good, and finally Adam from Cordilon.net and everyone over there with him for being continued supporters!  Wait, did I say supporters?  I meant badasses.  Thanks to all you kind folks and to everyone out there who are still waiting for a response from me!  You are teh greatest and I am teh slowx0r.

And what the hell, here's another pretty song my Ida Maria: "Stella."  See you tomorrow!

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