272: Cake

I am going to change my title to read "3-Chord Dorks: Webcomics about Fluuuuuuute."  It shall instantly double my number of readers.

Let's listen to some songs, shall we?  We're beginning with a song written by one of my longtime readers, Ele from Spain.  Ele is quite a skilled musician, and he recently recorded a melodic metal song called "See Through", which I think is really well done.  The vocals and the guitar tone are absolutely fantastic (piano tone a little less so), and the recording quality is incredibly professional.  Excellent work Ele!  Keep making more, pretty please!  Well, as if that wasn't enough to prove that Spaniards know good music, here's another band for you all, this time recommended by Marc from Spain!  The band is an Australian progressive rock band called Karnivool.  They are the type of progressive rock band that plays very melodic, technical music, like a low-key version of prog metal.  Check out two of their songs right here, first the song "All I know," which I really love the video for, and then the song "Cote."  The singer has a great voice for this kind of melodic rock.  So much "melodic" today, apparently!  Well, thanks to Ele and Marc and all their fellow Spaniards out there!  We'll see you guys tomorrow!

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