273: Teasing

Maybe the best face I've ever drawn.

Alright, just a quick post today, and then I'm outta here!  The band I'm going to recommend today is one that a BUNCH of people have suggested to me over the last couple of months, but I haven't mentioned yet.  I heard the name so often that I was POSITIVE that I had talked about them at some point, but after doing a quick search, I realized they were nowhere to be found.  Well I'm going to correct that error right now by giving a long awaited recommendation for Korpiklaani, the famous Finnish folk metal band.  A band that devotes itself to "songs about drinking in the woods," as one of my readers put it, they are Scandinavian folk metal at some of its finest.  Check out a few of their most popular songs right here, first the aptly titled "Vodka."  And this next one is awesome, the video looks like it was filmed by a high school drama club, but the costumes, attitude, and music make me want to pick up a violin and beat the shit out of someone.  It's the amazing "Wooden Pints."  That's all for today!  See you guys later!

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