274: Only In A Video Game Playlist:

Sometimes I'm forced to take shortcuts with my artwork in order to speed up the comic-making process.  Usually this means drawing simpler panels instead of complex ones, but for this strip I really wanted to have some complex angles and positions in there, so I decided to skip coloring instead.  Totally worth it.  This comic is inspired by my own experiences a few days ago.  While listening to my video game playlist (which is titled "Legend Of Zelda: The Playlist of Time"), I literally went from a Final Fantasy song like this, to a FF song like this, to another FF song like this.  Such an eclectic sequence can really only happen while listening to video game music, thus prompting the title of the comic.

As for other music, today I bring you a Swedish glam rock band called Vains Of Jenna.  Although the band recently split up, their legacy for making badass hair metal songs lives on with songs like "Get It On."  And here's one with a really awesome guitar riff called "Mind Pollution."  These songs were both done with their original singer.  Their second singer only recorded a cover album with them, and was always pretty ostracized by the majority of their fans.  I'd like to thank Sonia from Poland for recommending this band!  Thanks, Sonia!

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