275: Piano

I think the better question would be: "Where the heck did we get a grand piano from?"

Yeah, yeah, I know; this comic is going up pretty much a day late.  Honestly, at this point, who's really that surprised?  Anyone remember when I used to upload comics on a regular schedule?  Nope, didn't think so.  But how about I make it up to you with some music?  Sounds good?  Sounds good.  This here is a Ukranian band called Stoned Jesus.  Their genre is defined as "stoner/doom metal", which as we all know, is just a roundabout way of saying "they copy Black Sabbath."  But they copy Sabbath very well, you can hear a lot of influence from them in the singing, guitar tone, and songwriting.  Check out one of their many 11-minute songs called "Black Woods," and if it's too slow for you, the song gets faster around 9:20.  Some of this band's songs are much more up-tempo though, and they make for some great hard rock tracks, like the song "Electric Mistress."  And yes, the majority of their songs are over 8 minutes long.  A big thanks to Harry from Bulgaria for recommending this band to me, seeing as how their second album is now residing in my iTunes library.  Thanks a bunch, Harry!  And then some more thanks go out to Miguel from Portugal, whose band is currently attempting to combine the awesome sounds of both Gary Moore and Jack White, Jan from the Czech Republic, who educated me in all manner of things Czech and musical, and then both Josh from Ohio and Pagan from Someplace for their guitarist/band recs.  You guys equal awesomeness, times infinity, divided by zero.  You're so awesome, you break reality.  See you guys Monday! (or sometime around then.)

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