276: Coffee

I've got a special update for you guys today!  If you check out the Archive page, you'll see that it's been totally revamped, now including archives for both the comics and all the song pages, as well as a site-wide search feature!  You can now search the entire archive for any artist you want, to see if they've been mentioned, either in the comics (and that includes the recommendations I put below them), or on the MUSIC pages!  But it doesn't end there!  Have you gotten a shoutout but can't remember which page it was on?  Type in your name and see what pages come up!  Want to find comics with only your favorite characters in them?  Type the character's name in and see the results!  SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!!  This will be useful for anyone who wants to recommend a band, but doesn't know if I've mentioned them yet.  And it works like a dream; Kevin is so happy right now. :D

In other news, it's about that time of the week when I tell you about my crazy update schedules and what to expect from them.  Lately I've been working on my comics during the day and uploading them when I finish later that evening, so they've been going up pretty late, for many people it's well into the next day.  That means that for this week they'll be late like that, but next week I'll simply start a day earlier and get them each done ahead of time, so they should finally be up when they're supposed to.  I'll try to make it last for as long as possible, but knowing my erratic sleep patterns, I can't make any promises!  Thanks for bearing with me through all these ever-changing schedules!

And now, finally I'll give you all one new band to check out before I get out of here.  This here is an AMAZING American band called Vintage Trouble.  Though only around for two years so far, their debut album has gotten huge attention because frankly, they sound fantastic.  Their songs range from straightforward rock (very 50's-influenced), to slower blues, to soulful R&B, all very reminiscent of old classic genres.  To show their breadth, here are two of their awesome rock tracks and one slow soulful blues song.  Starting us off is the upbeat "Blues Hand Me Down", followed by the 12-bar blues based rock song "Nancy Lee" (this video is fantastic, I love how sexually playful she and the singer are with eachother).  And finally a slow, gospelly R&B piece entitled "Nobody Told Me."  You guys should definitely pick up their album, there are many more surprising gems on it.  Several people have actually mentioned this band to me recently, but the very first person to do so was none other than Barcel from Poland, so thank you tons, Barcel!  See you guys tomorrow night!

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