277: Parents

Woo, this one took me a full two days to work out just the way I wanted it, but I got it there.  And now I'm immediately going to get started on the next one.  But before that, I'll of course give you all a band to listen to, to compensate for the time between comics!  This here is a kickass power metal band from Greece called Firewind.  The band was started by guitarist Gus G., who is also well known as Ozzy Osbourne's current guitarist.  Like many power metal bands, many of their songs show aspects from symphonic metal and neo-classical metal as well, check out one of their songs here called "Breaking The Silence."  And here's a awesome heavy instrumental called "The Fire And The Fury," which really shows off some of Gus G's kickass guitar playing.  This band was recommended to me recently by Jeanne from Missouri, and also a long time ago by Jeroen from the Netherlands, so thanks a bunch to both of you guys!  See you all soon!

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