278: Parents, Part II

Oh hey look, it's that same mosher guy.  That dude's been doing that a long time.  These comics might be taking me twice as long as usual, but I'm really happy with the results.  They're turning out exactly as I see them in my head, it just takes me a while to get my hand to agree with my brain.  And now it's once again time for me to get started on the next one!  Gotta try to catch up if I want to get all the comics done before Monday!

Today's band is an American rock band called Royal Thunder, recommeded by Elie from Lebanon.  Fronted by a kickass lady named MLNY Parsonz ("Melanie"), whose voice blows the pants off of all who challenge her, this band specializes in a slower, low-key style of rock.  Check out the bandcamp page of their latest album right here, which has some great tracks on it.  For something faster/harder, I'd recommend beginning the song "No Good."  Have fun exploring, and thanks again for them, Elie!

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