279: Parents, Part III

Alright, I'm just one comic behind now, and I'm taking all bets!  I'll give 10:3 odds to anyone betting I'll catch up for this next week!  Do I have any takers?!  NO?!  (Dammit, smart crowd...)  We're nearing the end of the story comics, so once we begin music comics again, everything will be much easier and faster.  You guys have been far too patient for me to continue this for much longer (the schedule I mean, not the story).  But hopefully it's not TOO frustrating...

As if to just upset you guys even more, there are no music recommendations for today.  (I promise that's not the actual reason, I just need to get out of here quickly.)  But I'll have some for you tomorrow, so I will talk to you all again then!  See you soon!

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