280: Parents, Part IV

Right to band recommendations!  Here we go!

This is an awesome symphonic metal band from England called Damnation Angels.  Fans of Nightwish will find a very similar style of guitar playing and song form with Damnation Angels, though this time with male lead vocals.  Check out what I'm talking about with these songs of theirs: "Bringer Of Light," and "Against All Odds."  These two songs are from their first EP, called Shadow Symphony.  Their debut LP, entitled Bringer Of Light, is currently only avaiable in Japan, but will be released internationally soon (probably).  I bought the EP to tide me over until I can nab their album, and luckily some of the songs are EP exclusives, so I won't be buying the same album twice.  I'd like to thank Sonia from Poland for introducing me to this band!  You rock Sonia!

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