282: Grown Up

Here's the full wallpaper version!  This is the second page I'm uploading tonight, so if you haven't seen the last comic, go back and check it out!  I'm back to a midnight upload schedule at long last.  This week of comics will go until Saturday, so that everything is entirely caught up, and then starting Monday at midnight, I should finally be on the same schedule as every other cartoonist!  (which I haven't been for the entire year.)

As promised, I've collected a number of great rock and metal inspired memes and images for you all!  I'll link to each one, so let us all bask in the memeness that is our silly music together!

1) The story of my life.   2) LOL, the story of AMERICA'S life.  3) Hey look! I found a picture of you guys!   4) Just funny.   5) < What he said.   6) I shall teach my children the way.   7) I want to hear this just once in my life.   8) He is my master.   9) And finally, as a special treat:  Back in my freshman year of college, my dorm room had a dry-erase board on the door.  This is what I drew on it.

I did not get laid that year.

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