283: Innuendo

In terms of frequent sexual innuendo usage, Airbourne are right up there with some of the masters from the classic rock era.  But whereas AC/DC use a whole lot of gun and drink metaphors, and ZZ Top just come out and say stuff explicitly like "Hey girl, let's get naked" (not always an innuendo),  Airbourne are so inventive and use so much imagery that sometimes it just borders on hilariously gross. :)  Some of my favorite examples are:  "I'm a human sponge for your love/ And once you squeeze, I can't get enough/ Cuz it's runnin' down your legs, and I'm here to clean it up/ I won't stop till I taste the dregs on the edge of my tongue";   Also: "Your body's a temple, and I've come to worship/ slide up your river like a deep-sea serpent."

In other music stuffs, about a month ago I mentioned a progressive metal band called Bad Salad, from Brazil.  Well they have just recently released their debut album, Uncivilized, about a week ago, and it's pretty good.  Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of progressive metal.  The album is only 7 tracks, and only two of those songs are below 10 minutes in length (one is 6, the other is 9).  But, these are the type of 10-minute songs where the beats and riffs change constantly every minute, so the songs never ever get boring.  There's a good mix of hard and soft sections, with lots of technical prowess, so fans of Dream Theater should suit the band perfectly.  Here are two of the songs from their album: "The Second Calling," and "Mourning."  Once again, I'd like to thank Mike from... er, I dunno, for telling me about the band!  See you guys tomorrow, same time, same place!

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