284: Metal Genres

Thrash metal;  Speed metal;  Metalcore;  Death Metal.  As any metal fan will tell you, these genres all have legitimate differences between them.  But good luck trying to explain that to your non-metalhead friends. :)  Pretty much every conversation will end with you getting frustrated and going "Ugh, you just gotta hear it to understand..."  I was originally going to include power metal in this, because it's another genre that's impossible to describe with words, but it didn't really fit with all these angrier genres.  Sorry power metal, you're just too pretty.  You know, I used to never enjoy the more extreme genres of metal like Death and Core, but over the last year I've actually grown much fonder of them.  And that's actually thanks to all you guys,  with your recommendations forcing me to expose myself to newer and different music all the time.  Naturally, the more I got used to these genres, the more I learned to enjoy them, and now there are very few metal genres left I can't enjoy.  Thanks for continually cramming this shit down my throat you amazing bastards. (and bastardettes.)

Now that I mention it, there are quite a few amazing people that I'd like to thank today for their recent emails/awesomeness.  You shall fantasize about them tonight because they are sexy and totally cool.  I'd like to thank Gillyflower "from Reddit" for sending a truly inspiring and supportive email, thank you, from one artist to another.  Thanks to Steven from Texas for noticing that Jolie and Cassie's father was first mentioned on page "666", thereby blowing my goddamned mind.  Then to a couple people from 4chan who have been totes awesome, like Jon from New York, and a few others who all unanimously adore the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor?:  Michael from Arizona, Alan from the land of I-Fucking-Love-Post-Rock-Atopia, and Dalton from. . . Daltonland. . .  Thanks to all you folks, you guys are, like, the bestest ever at emailing!  This is a proven fact.

P.S. Want a handy way to tell your metal genres apart?  Well with this awesome flow chart, now you can!  Poor Nu metal. . . (< courtesy of Mike from Panama, thanks Mike!)

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