285: Accused

The sad part is that sometimes it's all true...  All of these different media have come under attack at some point for being violent or misogynistic, none moreso than video games (though rap could be argued for that).  Of all of them, rock and roll has faced the least amount of criticism for sexism, but metal is still accused of being violent to this day.  And although misogynistic or degrading content is a real problem, the violence that exists in these media is blown way out of proportion, mostly because of the false notion that it causes young people TO TURN violent.  That stereotype goes back all the way to the days of the early 70's, and the emergence of heavy metal.  (Before that, rock and roll was usually considered to cause promiscuity and a resistence toward authority, as opposed to violence.)

As for music today, I'd like to put the spotlight on an amazing guitarist named Paul Gilbert, who's been around shredding since the mid-80's in bands like Racer X and Mr. Big.  He's sometimes regarded as one of the best and fastest shredders from the classic rock era, so let's all enjoy some face-melting fretwork with the Racer X song "Scarified."  And then here's another song of his called "Technical Difficulties."  And because I can't pass up an opportunity like this, here's one last video of the man making a crowd go wild with some fucking kickass soloing.  A big thanks to Josh from Ohio for sending the links to this man's videos, which were like a present for both my eyeballs and earballs.  Thanks Josh!  See you guys later!

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