286: Credit Due

Sometimes I'll get a band recommendation that I don't enjoy at first, but then other people will recommend the same band later, and I'll enjoy it more and more with each subsequent listen.  This is usually because I'm not used to, or not particularly fond of, the band's genre or style yet, but that changes the more I get accustomed to it.  Sometimes it really is just about getting used to a certain genre that you didn't used to enjoy.  Other times it's because I didn't know enough about the style yet to fully appreciate a band's talent, but then as I learn more about it over time, I'm able to put the music into better context.  But sometimes I don't even realize it's the same band I had already listened to, so I apologize to anyone who's had this comic happen to them.  Without your first recommendations, I wouldn't have enjoyed the second ones!

Speaking of which, here's an awesome band that someone has probably recommended at some point, but I don't remember:  a Brazilian hard rock band from the 90's called Dr. Sin.  Believe it or not, I first learned about these guys while reading the wikipedia page on Styx a few summers ago.  There I was, looking up info about their albums, just minding my own business, when all of a sudden I get lost on a trail of link-clicking, and somehow find myself on the page of an obscure Brazilian hard rock band.  (Only obscure to people outside Brazil, really.)  Well, turns out that was a pretty lucky accident, because these guys are awesome.  Here are a few of my favorite songs, which really show off the kickass guitar riffs and amazing solos that I've come to love from them:  first is the song "Valley Of Dreams," and then another song called "Zero," and finally an awesome cover of the old Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Have You Ever Seen The Rain."  (Sorry about poor sound quality on the videos.)  Hope you guys enjoy, and I'll see you all tomorrow!

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