287: Collection

If your first reaction was "Who the heck wouldn't want that?!" then congratulations, this is the right webcomic for you. :)  I took a few liberties with this story, because it was actually my sister-in-law's family who were getting rid of their record player, but the main point is still exactly the same.  They asked me if I wanted it, and I am now the proud owner of a brand old, top-of-the-line, Sony record player, an amp, and a big huge box of vinyl records!  Before today, I only owned 2 records: Appetite For Destruction, which was a birthday gift from the Sultan (a collector's package, came with a t-shirt, not an original pressing), and AC/DC's 1988 album Blow Up Your Video, which my brother got me on a trip to Amsterdam (an original Dutch pressing).  That was it.  Just 2 records.  You wanna know how many I have now?  132.  I counted.  That means if I were to listen to a different album each week, it would take me two and a half years to finish.  And the vast majority of those are classic rock albums from the 70's and early 80's.  This makes me love my sister-in-law's dad so much, because his taste in music is EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME as mine.  We've got all the best classics, from Pink Floyd to the Rolling Stones to Van Halen to Aerosmith, as well as a random Christmas album here or there.  But the best part of the collection is by far THE ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY OF LED ZEPPELIN, all except for LZ 3 and Presence.  I've seriously been losing my mind with joy all day, words cannot express how ecstatic I am.  So I guess I'll just try to show it with a few more comics this week!  SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!

For bands today, I'm talking all about the Czech Republic and the awesomeness that's come from it so far.  I was schooled in a bunch of Czech/Slovak rock history by Jan from the Czech Republic, who is also the man responsible for telling me about these bands today.  Actually he's responsible for telling me about A LOT of famous Czech bands, but these were my favorite ones!  The first two are both famous classic rock bands, some of the founders and legends back in 1960's Czechoslovakia.  The first one is the band Blue Effect, who were hugely popular thanks to the guitar playing of Radim Hladik.  Here's a video of them from 1969 playing a medley of their early hits, which you can hear are very similar to the sounds of British Invasion bands from around the same time period.  And then fast forward all the way to the year 2008, and you can see that Radim Hladik remains a true guitar master to this day.  The next band is one of the earliest and most influential, and is often affectionately called the Slovak version of Cream.  It's the band The Soulmen, and one of the few songs of theirs that are actually ON youtube: "I Wish I Were."  And finally, we end our Czech day with a newer rock band called The Pooh.  Their songs are energetic, upbeat, and rockin', and I have affectionately begun calling them the Czech version of The Hives.  You can listen to a bunch of their songs on their Bandzone page (just press the play button), and they also have one album available on itunes.  That's all for our Czech day!  I'd like to thank Jan from the Czech Republic for all of his help and history!  See you tomorrow for RECORDS AND SHIT HOLY FUNK.

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