289: Record Player

Lou Reed's infamous Metal Machine Music album, an early example of noise rock, only without the rock.  In my defense, If I had put that on, I probably would have thought my record player was broken.  I spent the last few days figuring out how to work the player and amp, which are both entirely new technologies for me.  I felt like an old grandpa who was trying to figure out an iphone for the first time.  "DANGED-FLABBIT TECHNOLOGY!"  Luckily, you can download the user's manual for pretty much any piece of equipment online, so I spent my day reading up and learning all the parts and terms.  All day long just going "What the fuck's a 'cueing lever', DAGNABBIT?!"

(P.S. Don't worry record owners, I didn't actually ruin any of my records, nor did I hold them the way I showed.)

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