290: First Listen

And then I died.  The end.  That fourth panel is definitely my new favorite thing, I never get to draw Arya with funny faces.  I've been listening to a bunch of these records while I'm drawing comics, and it's been oh so wonderful.  Unfortunately, there's a connection problem between my amp and my left speaker, so right now I just have the record player hooked up right into the speakers.  I have to turn it up all the way just to reach a moderate volume level, but it's still totally enough to tide me over until I get my amp repaired.

Hey, in case you guys hadn't heard yet, Stonefield released their newest EP, "Bad Reality," a few months ago.  And this time it's available internationally on iTunes, buy it and treat your ears to pure RAWK.  Speaking of RAWK and ROLE, check out this awesome band called The Aristocrats, which includes amazing guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan.  Their catalog is entirely instrumentals, very badass and awesome instrumentals.  What?  You want MOAR??  OK, here ya go!  I'd like to thank Mike from Illinois for mentioning the Aristocrats to me, so that I may be graced with their jazzy rocky goodness.  Thank you Mike!  And I'll see you guys next week!

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