291: Europe And America

You know, in hindsight, technical progressive post-gaycore would be a really awesome genre. O_O   This comic was inspired by an email I got from JT from Finland, who brought up the topic of stereotypes and differences between European and American metal fans again.  Here in America, we have an annoying tendency to separate our genres into a million different specific styles, and if you mess them up or call a band by the wrong genre, people will fucking berate you.  You can see this on almost any YouTube discussion or online forum, and coincidentally, the band that seems to piss people off the most is Avenged Sevenfold, due to them being very mainstream and having a lot songs with pop elements in them.  You'll see homophobic insults being casually thrown around far too often for my taste.  But, Americans also don't care in the slightest which country a band is from, even if it's America.  We will have pride in our local bands, bands from our specific towns, but there is very little pride in American bands as a whole vs. bands from anywhere else.  Europeans on the other hand, (and many other countries around the world) are more likely to have pride in their own country's music, sometimes even preferring it to music from other countries.  But, as JT put it, "We'll eventually just find something we both enjoy, and then the partying begins."  Cool story, bro.

Finally, I've got a couple of long-overdue shoutouts to give today.  Actually all of my shoutouts are long-overdue because of how long it takes me to get through some of these emails, but nonetheless these ones have been a long time coming!  I'd like to thank Alexander from Metal-Land for his take on describing metal genres, then Henry from Imaginary-Land and Tyrell from Goddammit-Nobody's-Putting-Where-They're-From for their kickass musical recommendations!  Also Matt from Britain (I assume, since the lucky bastard went to Donington this year), a fellow Kevin from Ireland for HIS recommendation, and then Matt again, but this time Matt from Illinois, who corrected a mistake I made about a previous band!  Finally a dude named Carlos from Puerto Rico, who is every combination of awesome and badass that is possible in this world, and Brett from nowhere, who doesn't exactly seem to be a fan of mine or of classic rock, but who deserves a shoutout nonetheless.  Thanks to all of you folks who wrote in, and all the people I'll be replying to soon!  You guys rock!

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