293: Intellectual

Based on some of my favorite Sultan discussions.  That guy can have an intelligent-sounding discussion about anything.

Hey yo, check out this band and stuff!  This here's a kickass American band called the Black Angels.  Their music sounds like an amazing blend of psychadelic rock and bluesy garage rock, which you can hear in their song "Young Dead Men."  I really like this band's sound, so I'm going to put up two more songs, as well!  The first one is called "Entrance Song," and the second is a more upbeat garage rock song called "Telephone."  A big thanks to my fellow Kevin from Ireland for the excellent recommendation!  It's like music to my ears!  ( < FUCKING GOLD.)

And now, dearest readers, allow me to express my love for several of thee today.  To Russell from Great Britain, who just got back from the Bloodstock Open Air festival (lucky... grumble), Soesja from the Netherlands, with whom I discussed famous Dutch bands, and Kuba from. . . I don't know, but it'd be really funny if it was Cuba, so I'm gonna say that.  And to Kuba from Cuba, a fellow fan of the Black Spiders, thank you all!  Oh readers, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

. . . 8.  I love thee 8 different ways.  And science has only discovered 6 ways so far.  That's just how much I love thee.  Suck it, science.

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