295: Qualities

I've been up all night writing essays.  Voluntarily.  Something must be wrong with me, because the only thing I learned in college was how to avoid doing those.

HeyguysOMGbandsLOL!  I'd like to introduce you all to a little Ol' American band called The Bravery.  The music that they play is mostly light rock, but some of their songs also feature new wave and punk elements as well.  Here, let me show you!  "Believe" is one of their most popular songs, and it also shows a good example of their usual light rock. (read the top comment, LOL.)  "An Honest Mistake" shows how their use of keyboards and effects give them a bit of a new wave sound.  And finally, the main riff in "Fearless" is very punk rock-esque, and it's also an awesome fucking music video.  I liked these guys enough to buy one of their albums - I decided to go with their second one, The Sun And The Moon.  I don't know if the other two are better, but I am very pleased with my purchase.  A big thanks to Eric from New Jersey for the recommendation and links!  See you guys next week!

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