297: Full Page Rant: Letter To Film Crit HULK

No, I do not say whether or not I liked the ending.  That's not what the letter is about. xP

HULK's original article:  http://badassdigest.com/2012/08/06/film-crit-hulk-smash-a-few-words-on-the-ending-of-mass-effect-3/  (and if you'd like to know where most people stand on the issue, read a few of the comments below it.)

My letter to Film Crit Hulk:  http://www.3chorddorks.com/webfm_send/108

[EDIT]  I just found out that HULK has written a follow-up article to his first one, where he clarifies some of his ideas and motives.  And it also reveals that I am only one of HUNDREDS who sent him emails this week.  And to think I spent all weekend writing this letter!  Oh well, the ideas expressed in the letter are still perfectly valid, since they were pretty tangential to his article in the first place.  Hopefully he will still get to read it, though I doubt he'd have the time to respond to it after this.

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