298: Rammstein

I love how dorky Flake Lorenz looks compared to the other guys in Rammstein.  In a lot of their pictures you can see these five evil metal-looking guys, and then Flake in the back lookin' totally out of place.  Luckily, this changes as soon as they start doing a concert, and Flake apparently turns into a total badass.

Speaking of Rammstein, here's an artist that has absolutely nothing to do with Rammstein!  His name is Devin Townsend, one of those guitarists that not everybody has heard of, but everyone who has knows how awesome he is!  He's been in several bands of his own founding and done loads of collaborative work over the years, which means he's done music from nearly every genre.  And the best part is that he loves adding humor and silliness to everything he does, like in his video for "Vampira."  Most of his solo material is this kind of classic heavy metal, but he also does a lot of softer, melodic stuff as well.  But my personal favorite is his band Strapping Young Lad, where Devy turns the intensity up to 11 with some extreme thrashy hardcore metal.  Here's their song "Wrong Side," and another called "Far Beyond Metal."  A special thanks to Jur from the Netherlands for the links!  Actually he didn't say he was from the Netherlands, but he wrote "Greetz" before his signature, which is somethin' only them Dutch folk be doin' in mah emails.

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