300: 300

Ah, the early comics. . .  I know most of my readers are like Cassie and enjoy them just as much, but I always look back at my first ones so judgementally.  "Oh god, the writing!  Oh god, what was I thinking?!  Surely the entire world is mocking me for this!"  Most of it is just me being my own biggest critic.  Obviously everything has improved a lot, but it does legitimately hurt potential readership when you start out weak and then get stronger later.  People who are reading for the first time may base their opinions on those first few comics, and some might choose not to stay because of them.  Luckily, there is nowhere to go but up, and I'm gonna keep making sure that people get better and better first impressions of the comic!

And now for a your special music treat today:  do you guys remember Bee In The Bonnet?  That band I talked about in this comic?  Well I am happy to announce that they have just released their first full-length album, and it is freaking awesome.  Released with the help of a website known as T.K. Project, the new album called "Tick Your Time and Tock The Rest Of It" is a beautiful mix of mellow light rock and upbeat pop rock.  I've recently posted two of their songs on my MUSIC pages, here's the song "Waving For Goodbye," and then today's feature: "Don't Waste Your Time."  If you liked either of those songs, you'll be getting plenty more like them on the full album.

Are you a fan of really pretty light rock?  You should buy the album!  Are you a fan of small indie bands that none of your friends have heard of?  You should buy the album!  Are you a metalhead who hates light rock, but who loves helping out bands that have awesome people in them, regardless of genre?  YOU SHOULD BUY THE ALBUM!  It's available now on Amazon and iTunes and a whole bunch of other places!

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