301: The Velvet Underground

Man, it is just my luck that the first comic of the 300s was a double one that took forever!  Sorry for the lateness everyone!  This comic is a true story.  Well, almost a true story - in reality I actually enjoyed listening to The Velvet Underground & Nico, not because the songs are particularly fun to listen to, but because the album truly is a great artistic and thought-provoking piece.  While listening to the album I came up with ideas for at least three songs of my own, sometimes from wanting to emulate the album, other times from wanting to differ from it, the music felt like brain food.  I like to call Pink Floyd's albums "the soundtracks to thought," meaning they are a perfect background for when you want to think.  The Velvet Underground's albums however, are the source of thought.  What Arya said in the first panel was taken from one of my favorite quotes about them, which goes: "The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band."  I had heard that before listening to it, and was skeptical at first, but after finishing the album I totally got what they meant.  And that's why it's still considered one of the best art-rock albums of all time.

Well, I have a myriad of names I'd like to mention today, of readers near and far, young and old, nerdy and. . . probably also nerdy.  These folks have all been voted as the greatest human beings on the planet by the United Nations, The European Parliament, and those guys from Britain's Got Talent.  Those people include Kio, a.k.a. "That rocker chick from North Carolina", Gina from the "Great State of Texas", Lee from Ireland-soon-to-be-Japan, Ben from England, Jur from the Netherlands (still guessing on that one), Nickolay from Russia, Marpha from Germany, Raul from California, Josh from England, and finally Sam from Loves-Classic-Japanese-New-Wave-'sville.  Since these fine specimens of the human race have already been chosen as the winners of humanity, (totally telling the truth, don't even bother looking it up) I guess that means the rest of us have nothing more to strive for.  Let's all stay home and get fat!  LIKE AMERICA'S TAUGHT US TO!

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