302: Dan Patlansky

Dan Patlansky is an amazing blues guitarist from South Africa, who I can definitively say has come closer to emulating Stevie Ray Vaughan's sound than anyone I've ever heard.  He sometimes comes so close that I literally think Stevie's soul is in his fingers.  In fact, as soon as I heard the first note of this song, I just knew it had to be true.  Patlansky has been gaining popularity in South Africa for the last several years, and actually has a unique style of his own that he frequently plays, in addition to more SRV sounding stuff.  I would call it some of the happiest blues you'll ever hear.  I once read a review on some angry White dude's blog, who said that Patlansky wasn't that great because his blues sounded way too happy.  The angry White dude quoted the old adage, "You've got to have the blues to play the blues."  While I do agree that having the blues improves blues music, and adds that ever-sought emotional factor that pushes the music beyond entertaining and into the realm of transcendent, I don't agree that it's necessary in order to play the genre.  Patlansky proves that blues can be inherently cheerful as well, and his technical ability at it rivals even the greatest legends.  Though without truly feeling the blues, he will probably never reach the status of the legends that came before him.

The man's albums are incredibly hard to find outside of South Africa, there's nowhere to purchase them or download them illegally, and only a few are available as CD imports on Amazon.  But after scouring the entire internet, I managed to find a bundle pack of two of them available on 7digital.  You can buy two of his albums for just $8.99, that is an insane deal, and I highly recommend doing so if you like blues.  The first album, Real, is absolutely incredible, and solidifies the man as SRV's spiritual successor in my mind.  The second album, Standing At The Station, isn't quite as good, nor as bluesy, as the first, but is still WELL worth the purchase.  If you decide to buy it, be warned: the song titles are actually off by one on all the tracks.  The first song is called "Real", and then the SECOND one is "Dead Shrimp Blues," the THiRD is "Only An Ocean," and so forth.  The last title "Champions Remix" is wrong, just delete it and move everything else one down.  And since barely any of the man's songs are on YouTube, there's another one from these albums on the MUSIC page today.

Special thanks to Andy from South Africa for telling me about Patlanksy in the first place!  You know, one day I'll have to make fun of how über-proud South Africans are about their music. . .  But I guess that can wait for another day.

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